AOC Advocacy and Outreach Program

The AOC believes it is necessary to engage, educate, and coordinate with leaders throughout government, industry and academia in support of policies, programs, and ideas that advance EW and related EMS capabilities, and strengthen our international industrial base.

Over the years, AOC has been active engaging Congress, the Defense Department, and relevant federal agencies on issues affecting our community. We have built strong relationships with leaders throughout government, advanced EW-related programs and budgets, and influenced legislation and policy development in support of our growing mission.

In 2018, the AOC is investing in its advocacy and outreach programs to better serve our stakeholders and partners in our community. The AOC will be rolling out new initiatives to provide better tracking and analysis of the defense budget and legislative and regulatory developments, and more knowledge resources to provide insight into the defense market and key issues facing our community. We will also be increasing opportunities to participate, partner, and sponsor advocacy and outreach activities.

For more information, please contact Ken Miller, Director or Advocacy and Outreach.

Check out our one-stop location for all things AOC Advocacy in our community portal HERE.

Read the Advocacy Newsletter for June 2018 HERE.

About our Industry Partnership Projects (IPPs)

IPPs are a new AOC initiative to better serve our expanding mission and industry community through greater collaboration between government and industry stakeholders.  The goal is to raise awareness about the international scope of our industry membership and align knowledge development, access to stakeholders, and business development to promote collaboration and guidance on policy and technical issues.  IPPs are self-sustaining (primarily through industry sponsorships), autonomous, and responsive to the needs of stakeholders.  Our first IPP for SIGINT launched in January, which will bring together companies in the COMINT, DF Receiver, ELINT and other related sectors.  We are also looking to start IPPs for RADAR, TWT, and Directed Energy.  You can check out the SIGINT IPP community portal HERE.

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