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Space EW (On-Demand Course)

Space EW (On-Demand Course)

Course Length: 24 hours total - delivered across 8 sessions of 3-hours each. Each session contains lecture and practical problems.

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Space is an Electronic Warfare domain, just like land, sea and air. We significantly dependent on satellite assets and those assets are vulnerable to enemy kinetic or electronic attack.

In ground, sea and air based EW, the closer we get to targets, the better we can intercept or jam them. Satellite borne systems are by their nature far away—creating challenges that require careful consideration. Satellites do not go where we want them to go in the short term; they go where they want to go. However, we can predict where they will be at any given time using tools taught in this course.

In the eight sessions of the Course, we will cover the nature of EW in space and go on to work practical EW problems appropriate to the space environment. After an introductory overview of Space EW, the course starts with tutorial sessions on Spherical trigonometry and orbit mechanics. Then, tutorials on radio propagation and the principles of intercept and jamming – both on the Earth and in space. Then the course moves on to four sessions dealing with practical problems covering intercept and jamming of enemy communication and radar assets. Each session will include lecture and hands-on problem solutions. Formulas and handy tables for future problem solutions are provided in each session.

Course Delivery

There is a downloadable course syllabus provided for each session. It contains copies of all visual aids and problem worksheets for that session. It will be available for download in the meeting room.

Each session was presented LIVE by an actively engaged instructor. The virtual classroom allowed learners to “raise a hand,” ask questions audibly or type them in the chat, and the instructor responded in real-time. It’s just like sitting in the classroom.

These "Live Educational Courses" presented by AOC are recorded when broadcast live and are subsequently made available to registrants for 30 days in our "On-Demand Educational Courses" catalog.

You can now benefit from this course catalog with your purchase.

Who Should Attend

The course is intended for technical or marketing professionals who are concerned with evaluation of EW concepts, system designs, operations or training. All of the background math is fully explained in the course.

We will start by discussing satellite orbits, then (gently) discuss spherical trigonometry. Then we will cover some formulas for:

  • Space EW Session 1 - Introduction to Space EW
  • The nature of satellites, link definitions, satellite and link vulnerability, space EW missions and targets
  • Space EW Session 2 - Spherical Trigonometry and Orbits
  • The basic mathematical tools required to deal with relationships between the location of satellites and Earth surface targets. It also covers the appropriate plane trigonometry equations . Finally, It covers the description of orbits and gives equations and tables relating the orbit period to the size and shape of the orbit and the six ephemerides that completely define the location of a satellite relative to the Earth.
  • Space EW Session 3 - Radio Propagation
  • Radio propagation on Earth and in space. Both are necessary for the development of formulas for intercepting and jamming Earth surface targets from satellites. Also covered in this session are formulas for satellite to Earth station link margins in terms of orbital parameters.
  • Space EW Session 4 - Intercept and Jamming Principles
  • Basic communication and jamming formulas for radar and communication intercept and jamming. They are related to the space EW geometries.
  • Space EW Session 5 - Communication Intercept from Space
  • The formulas for the quality of intercepts of various types of Earth surface communication signals from space. The formulas in this chapter consider the location of targets on Earth and the orbital parameters of the intercepting satellite. The session also includes formulas for the calculation of Doppler shift in signals to and from satellites.
  • Space EW Session 6 - ELINT from Space
  • The intercept of radar signals by satellite borne receivers. A low orbit satellite problem and a synchronous satellite problem will be included. Analysis will include the amount of time the satellite can receive signals and the quality of intercept. In this session and the two following sessions, all of the appropriate spacecraft considerations will be included: antenna parameters, antenna pointing errors, atmospheric and rain losses, viewing period frequency and duration, etc.
  • Space EW Session 7 - Communication Jamming from Space
  • The jamming of various types of Earth surface communication. Problems dealing with point to point and tactical network targets will be covered in problems.
  • Space EW Session 8 - Radar Jamming from Space
  • Jamming of radars from low earth and synchronous satellites. Both will be covered in problems and operational considerations will be considered.

Finally, we will briefly discuss two practical problems: Intercept and jamming of a threat on the Surface of the Earth from a satellite.

Please Note: Access to the course materials will be provided within one business day of registration. 

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Dave Adamy is an internationally recognized expert in electronic warfare who writes the popular monthly EW-101 column in the Journal of Electronic Defense magazine. He has over 50 years experience as a systems engineer and program technical director, developing EW systems from DC to Light, deployed on platforms from submarines to space, with specifications from quick reaction capability to high reliability. He has published over 250 professional articles on Electronic Warfare, receiver system design and closely related subjects, including the popular EW101 series in the Journal of Electronic Defense. He has presented dozens of EW courses for military, government and defense industry organizations in the US and allied countries. He holds an MSEE (Communication theory) and has written 16 books on Electronic Warfare and related subjects.

Dave Adamy

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