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Marines to Field Small UAS, EW Tools, Upgraded Weapons After Sea Dragon 2025 Experimentation

Wednesday, February 21, 2018   (0 Comments)

By: Megan Eckstein  |  February 13, 2018  |  USNI News

THE PENTAGON – The Marine Corps is beginning to implement changes to the infantry battalion a year into the service’s Sea Dragon 2025 experimentation effort, with recommendations that include fielding small unmanned aerial systems (UAS), adding advanced training opportunities, restructuring the rifle squad and drawing up new tactics and procedures for a high-end battlefield.

Brig. Gen. Christian Wortman, commander of the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab, told reporters today that senior Marine Corps leadership had been briefed on the results of the first year of the Sea Dragon experimentation effort and that Commandant Gen. Robert Neller had already signed off on some changes. Others, including the key question of how many Marines will make up a rifle squad going forward, are still being debated and should be decided on soon.

One item the commandant has approved is the addition of a “unmanned systems and electronic warfare systems operator” at the rifle platoon level “to be able to exploit the capabilities offered by small UASs, to operate those small UASs, be able to receive the data and the imagery coming off of it, and to facilitate the decision-making that was being made by the platoon commander to move with more precision, more lethality and at a higher tempo,” Wortman said. In addition, all the options presented to the commandant for a future rifle squad – including options for an 11-Marine, 12-Marine and 14-Marine squad, compared to today’s 13-Marine setup – include a systems operator to help the squad leader manage the new technology and the information it provides...  READ MORE

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