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The U.S. Has an Electronic Warfare Plane and One of Them Is Headed to Korea

Wednesday, January 17, 2018   (0 Comments)

By Kyle Mizokami  |  Jan 17, 2018  |  Popular Mechanics

The EC-130H is a C-130 Hercules fitted with electronic jamming devices and a crew of 13.

The U.S. Air Force just sent one of its most advanced electronic warfare aircraft to South Korea.

The EC-130H Compass Call, originally designed to jam enemy radio signals, was recently upgraded with the ability to identify and attack enemy wireless networks. The EC-130H was spotted traveling from Yokota Air Base, Japan to Osan Air Base in South Korea and reported on Twitter by @AircraftSpots.  

The U.S. Air Force operates 14 EC-130Hs, all by the 55th Electronic Combat Group out of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona.

The Compass Call program dates to the 1980s and involves C-130 Hercules transport aircraft fitted with electronic jamming devices and a crew of 13, including four cryptologic linguists. The idea is that linguists would identify important radio frequencies used by enemy forces and jam them, particularly command and air defense frequencies. Indeed, the U.S. Air Force lists the EC-130’s armament as “non-kinetic energy waveforms.”  READ MORE...

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