Lt Col Holger Schmör

Lieutenant Colonel Holger Schmör

Deputy Director | Senior German National Officer, Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff

A native of Göppingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, LtCol Schmör joined the Army in 1990 and received his commission in 1994 as a member of German Signal Corps EW troops. He is a graduate of German Armed Forces University Hamburg with a Magister Artium degree in Historical Sciences. After various assignments as Platoon Leader in the COMINT and ELINT working environments, he became Company Commander of an EW unit in 2003. Having been promoted to Major in 2005 he was selected for General Staff Training, he then went through the 2007/2008 iteration of the German International General Staff course. Following various Intel and EW appointments in both national and international staffs, he was given Command of 932 EWBn in Frankenberg/Eder. He commanded this Battalion from 2013 until 2016. His next step was moving to the United Kingdom as Deputy Director JEWCS in the role of Chief of Staff in NATO’s principal office for EW with an interim phase of being the commanding officer of the unit for some months.

Speaking: November 27 - Innovation Stage - "Innovation is the Price of Winning"