Mr. Albert Mauzay II

Mr. Albert J. Mauzy II

Navy Information Warfighting Development Center (NIWDC) Electronic Warfare Mission Area Department (EW MAD), AECOM Contract Support

Mr. Mauzy served twenty-seven years in the US Navy, retiring in 2001 as an Aerographer’s Mate Master Chief Petty Officer. He was hired in 2003 to research, develop and author the Afloat Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Planning and Management Tactical Memorandum (TACMEMO 3-12.04). He has continued to develop afloat SM fleet experiments, collaborating on numerous CONOPs, Navy Tactics Techniques and Procedures (NTTP)s and TACMEMOs. Mr. Mauzy transferred to the Fleet Electronic Warfare Center (FEWC) in 2012 and has championed the EMSO Cell at the Unit level and EMSO Afloat TTPs. He was the principal author of the Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Afloat and the Unit Level TACMEMO 3-51.1-15. Mr. Mauzy’s decades of M&S experience in the METOC community has influenced his innovative methodologies utilizing the Real Time Spectrum Operations Inc.1 tool, the Naval Research Lab Interactive Scenario Builder (Builder) 3D visualization TDA and incorporating the numerical weather prediction models to discover the crawling stages of EMSO afloat and tactical recommendations to the warfighters.

Alternate Speaker: November 28 - "Framework for EMS Control"