William Conley, Ph.D.

William G. Conley, Ph.D.

Director, Electronic Warfare, OUSD for Acquisition & Sustainment/A/Platform & Weapon Portfolio Management (P&WPM)

Dr. Conley is the Director, Electronic Warfare. In this role, he advises department leadership on electronic warfare capabilities. Additionally, he is the executive secretary for the Electronic Warfare Executive Committee, the EW EXCOM.

Prior to Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, Dr. Conley was a Program Manager at DARPA in the Strategic Technology Office. At DARPA, he executed a variety of EW advances: namely distributed EW capabilities to improve electronic attack capabilities. He oversaw a variety of EW studies and led interdisciplinary strategy development.

As a Navy engineer, Dr. Conley co-founded the Laboratory for Spectrum Technology Advanced Research at Naval Surface Warfare Center – Crane Division. Dr. Conley earned a Bachelor of Arts from Whitman College and a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Philosophy from Purdue University.

Speaking: November 27 - "Framework for EMS Superiority"