Jose Perez, Maj, USMC (Ret)

“No Way” Jose Perez, Maj, USMC (Ret)

Senior Technical Manager for Electromagnetic Warfare, Aviation Systems, Torch Technologies

Recently retired Marine Major “No Way” Pérez has 21 years of experience in EW. He has flown over 70 combat missions over Iraq and Afghanistan, supporting US and Coalition efforts as an ECMO in the EA-6B Prowler. He has experience working on staffs at the Group, Wing, Joint, and Coalition levels. Since 2013, Mr. Perez has been assigned to USSTRATCOM’s Joint Electromagnetic Warfare Center in San Antonio, TX. He has led the development of Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations across the US along with the Military Services. No Way led a team of experts by defining what it means to conduct electromagnetic spectrum operations and developed the Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Operational Employment Guide. This guide is driving the requirements for capability development, organizational realignment, process refinement, manpower adjustments, and training development. No Way is a US representative for coalition engagement supporting electromagnetic spectrum operations globally and an integrator of several NATO and coalition efforts. He also contributes to the DoD analytic agenda supporting numerous Defense, Joint and Service-level strategy, policy, doctrine and assessment documents.

Speaking: October 29 - Managing the Electromagnetic Battle