Professional Development Courses

Every year, the Association of Old Crows holds professional development courses immediately following the Annual Symposium & Convention. This year, the AOC will be holding two very valuable courses for two days following the event: November 30 - December 1. Learn more about the courses below.

Space EW

Presented by: Dave Adamy

Space is an Electronic Warfare domain, just like land, sea and air.  We significantly dependent on satellite assets and those assets are vulnerable to enemy kinetic or electronic attack.   

In ground, sea and air based EW, the closer we get to targets, the better we can intercept or jam them.  Satellite borne systems are by their nature far away—creating challenges that require careful consideration.  Satellites do not go where we want them to go in the short term; they go where they want to go.   However, we can predict where they will be at any given time using tools taught in this course.

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Electronic Countermeasures - Theory and Design

Presented by: Kyle Davidson

The goal of this course is to educate the participants in the field of Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) and Electronic Attacks (EA). This includes the complete countermeasures development cycle from analysing threat systems, to developing jammer techniques, and finally confirming their effectiveness. EA in communications, radar, and infrared systems will be explored in detail.

The intended audience of this course are EW professionals, who are looking to expand their knowledge of the field to electronic countermeasures. An understanding of radar and communications systems is recommended.

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