Call for Papers

Call for Papers

The Call for Papers for this year's symposium and convention has ended. Official selections will be announced by August 31.

The 55th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention theme is "Winning the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) Domain: A Culture and Mind Shift". Complimentary to the General Sessions, there will be four (4) Technical Sessions as well as four (4) Operational Sessions which will be comprised of subject matter experts and influencers from the military, government, academia, and industry in numerous topic areas. To that end, we are requesting original, unclassified, abstracts for presentation against any of the fourteen (14) topic areas specifically.

Topics included in the Technical Sessions:  

  • SIGINT Technology and Interoperability
  • Sensors and Sensor Fusion
  • Antenna Technology and Applications 
  • High-Powered Electromagnetic Technologies
  • EMP & High-Energy Protection
  • Automating Collection and Exchange of EMS Data
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) Technology and Schema

Topics included in the Operational Sessions:

  • The Year in EMSO
  • Electromagnetic Battle Management (EMBM) for EMS C2
  • Incorporating EMS Management Into Operations
  • EMS Training and Force Readiness
  • EMS Modeling, Simulation, Analysis and Assessment
  • Live-Virtual-Constructive and Distributed Environments

Deadline for Submission of Paper Abstracts: July 31

Selections made by: August 31

Submission Information

Email the following information to the AOC Convention Abstracts Review Committee at

  • Title of proposed brief
  • Name of presenter and organization represented
  • One or two short paragraphs describing the scope of the brief
  • One or two short paragraphs describing the credibility of the presenter on this subject
  • Headshot of presenter (minimum 800x800 pixels)
  • Presenter Bio

Note: Company and product briefs will not be accepted.

Presentations are limited to 20-25 minutes including questions and answers. Time limits are strictly enforced to keep the program on schedule.

Selections will be based upon whether the submission meets the theme, vision and expected discussion outcome of an individual session as established by the Session Chair and the overall AOC Symposium Committee. Speakers selected will be notified of their provisional acceptance by the end of August or as soon as all slots are filled. Back-up speakers will also be recognized on the printed program and will be listed on the web and final program page regardless of speaking status.

To be included on the symposium program; each speaker must take steps to clear their presentation with their agency and/or company management to prevent disclosure of proprietary or classified information. Acceptance must be assured prior to final scheduling in August.

By early September each selected speaker will be mailed a comprehensive Speakers Guide from AOC. It will contain detailed information on what to submit for final reproduction and information for a complimentary registration for the presenter.

For more information contact the AOC Convention Abstracts Review Committee at