Keynote Speakers

The Honorable James Langevin
US House of Representatives
RI-02 (via Video Presentation)
The Honorable Don Bacon
US House of Representatives
The Honorable Alan R. Shaffer
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
for Acquisition and Sustainment
Mr. Ray Brousseau
Vice President & Deputy General Manager
BAE Systems
Mr. James A. Faist, SES
Director, Adv Capability,
OUSD Research & Engineering
Dr. Tim Grayson
Director, Strategic Technology
Office (STO), DARPA

Spotlight Speakers

Mr. Fred Drummond, SES,
DASD, Force Education & Tng,
Lt Gen Robert Elder,
USAF (Ret)
AOC Senior Advisory Board
Rear Admiral Steven Parode, USN
Director, Information
Warfare Integration (N2N6F)
Mr. Laurence Mixon
Special Assistant to the Program Executive Officer (PEO) for
Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors
Brigadier General David Gaedecke, USAF
Director, EMS Superiority, Deputy Chief of
Staff for Strategy, Integration & Requirements, HQAF
Brigadier General Lance Landrum, USAF
Deputy Director for Requirements and
Capability Development (J8), Joint Staff
Brigadier General James Stevenson Jr., USAF
J3E Deputy Director Joint,
Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations
Mr. Chris O’Donnell, SES
DASD, Platform and Weapon Portfolio
Management OUSD, A&S
Colonel Ivan Pavlenko
Deputy Chief of Combat Support Units of the Joint Forces HQ,
Joint Staff Armed Forces of Ukraine

Breakout Speakers

Captain Mark R. Alexander, USN
Ms. Laura Cawthron
Mr. Bryan Clark
Dr. William Conley
Commander Mike Dahm, USN (Ret)
Dr. Kelly D. Hammett, SES
Dr. John D. Evans
Lt. Col Andrew J. Glass, USAF
Col Craig "Magnum" Harm, USAF(Ret)
CAPT Brian “Hinks” Hinkley, USN (Ret)
CDR Shelley Frank, USN
Dr. Joseph Kirschbaum
Ms. Angela Lane
LTC Gary "Mongo" Lyke, USA
Mr. Mike Meaney
Lieutenant Colonel David Mueller, USMC
Mr. Mark Neice
Mr. Anthony Nigara
CAPT Ken "Kilo" Parks, USN (Ret)
Frank E. Peterkin, Ph.D.
Mr. Jose Perez, Maj, USMC (Ret)
Lieutenant Colonel Matthew E. Poole, USMC
Colonel Eric Shafa, USAF
Dr. John A. Stine
Dr. David Stupples
Mr. Tom Taylor, GS15
Mr. Muddy Watters

Innovation Stage Speakers

Dave Adamy
Master Aircrew John “Angry” Anderson, Royal Air Force
Gabby Bialado
CAPT Patricia Cole, USN (Ret)
Kyle Davidson
Paul Denisowski
CDR Shelly Frank
Philip Gresock
Lorenz Lehmhaus
Andrew Owen
Mr. Marc Rawls
Raymond Shen, PhD
Phil Trainor