Branding Opportunities

The AOC International Symposium & Convention is the single largest event for members of the Electromagnetic Warfare community on Earth. For companies and organizations trying to make an impression or an impact, there is simply no better opportunity to interface with clients, customers, and critical decision makers. A number of unique branding opportunities are available to raise your profile and draw in your audience. You can check out each opportunity below to learn more about placement, pricing, and details.

Interested in purchasing any of the opportunities below? Contact Sean Fitzgerald - or 703-549-1600 ext. 222 to purchase.

Exhibit halls are busy and bustling, and you always want to stand out! Draw attendees eyes and attention with these large triangle banners, suspended from the ceiling right above your booth. Measuring 6ft wide x 3ft high, this opportunity will give your booth the additional exposure that you're looking for. Currently, this option is only available to exhibitors with a 10x10 or 10x20 booth.

  • Multiple Opportunities available
  • Cost: $2,000

Maximize your visibility in the exhibit hall! The column's spaced throughout the hall support the roof - and they can support your organization too! Multiple opportunities are available to post your branding on these columns, use them to draw attendees and customers to your booth. Banners are 6ft wide x 11ft high.

  • 23 Opportunities available
  • Cost: $2,500

You know what they say, bigger is better! If the 6ft x 11ft column banners don't seem like enough, why not give our 14ft by 11ft column banners a shot? Due to their bigger size, there are fewer opportunities throughout the exhibit hall, but you'll still be able to make a huge impression to attendees and draw their eyes (and attention).

  • 6 Opportunities available
  • Cost: $3,000

New for 2019! Take up a prominent position on the walls of the exhibit hall! Post your banners up high, for everyone to see. Make sure that the last thing that attendees see before they leave is your company's name. Multiple sizes and positions are available.

  • 4 Opportunities available
    • 9ft wide x 17ft high - Cost: $10,000 (2 available)
    • 18ft wide x 17ft high - Cost: $18,500 (1 available)
    • 23ft wide x 8ft high - Cost: $10,000 (1 available)

As hundreds of attendees enter the exhibit hall, you'll definitely want the first thing that makes an impression on them to be your branding! Featuring one double-sided glass cling, one single-sided glass cling, and three runners, this opportunity will ensure that the first thing on attendee's minds when they enter is you.

  • 1 Opportunity available - SOLD!
  • Cost: $20,000

For branding on the best view in the house, (over)look no further! Overlooking the exhibit hall floor from the entrance, glass panels are available for your organization to brand. All 5 panels are sold as a bundle, and feature double side clings, so you'll get a double whammy as they are highly visible for upon entrance to the show floor, and from the floor itself.

  • 1 Opportunity Available - SOLD!
  • Cost: $8,000

Claim this prime branding opportunity! This position is available to purchase as a vinyl banner (sized 17ft wide x 9ft high). Right as you enter the Convention Center, and placed directly adjacent to the event registration area, you won't want to miss this one.

  • 1 Opportunity available
  • Cost: $9,000

Right above the entrance way from the adjoining Marriott Marquis hotel, is another banner branding opportunity! It's right next to the option above, Banner #1, and immediately to the left of the event registration area. You can claim this 16ft wide x 9ft high vinyl banner that'll grab the attention of anyone looking at the registration desk, leaving the exhibit hall, or heading to the hotel.

  • 1 Opportunity available
  • Cost: $9,000

Another opportunity to brand the views into the exhibit hall, five 45.5 inch x 85 inch glass panels across from the registration area are up for grabs as a bundle! Tell 5 different stories, or tell one story five times - the choice is yours!

  • 1 Opportunity available
  • Cost: $6,000

As you leave the registration & exhibit hall area and head toward the symposium sessions, there are a few opportunities for you to take advantage to increase the visibility of your organization. The first is the opportunity for 1 20ft wide x 7 ft high vinyl banner, hanging right over the pathway leading to the sessions. As our attendees learn about the newest innovations in Electromagnetic Warfare, don't you want your company to be on their minds?

  • 1 Opportunity available
  • Cost: $7,500

As you ride the escalators from the concourse up to the symposium sessions, there is another opportunity to brand, as there are two spaces for 20ft wide x 7ft high vinyl banners. Sold separately, with one banner on the left and one on the right, this is another opportunity to make an impression on attendees - whether they're heading to sessions or back to the exhibit hall.

  • 2 Opportunities available
  • Cost: $6,000 (each)

While symposium attendees are traveling to and from registration or the exhibit hall make sure they're getting there with their eyes on your organization's branding! Featuring two single-sided glass clings and two runners, this is a prime branding opportunity that is sure to catch the eyes of everyone.

  • 1 Opportunity available
  • Cost: $12,000