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What is the Dahlgren EW History Project?

The Dahlgren EW History Project is an effort undertaken by the Dahlgren Chapter of the Association of Old Crows with assistance from the historic collection in the Dahlgren Research Center, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division.  The purpose of this project is to chronicle Dahlgren's history of involvement in the area of Electronic Warfare.

The historical account has been divided into two parts.  The first part or Volume 1 covers the Cold War years from roughly 1965 to 1991, and the second part (Volume 2) covers the post-Cold War years from 1992 to present.

Volume 1 covering the ‘The Cold War Years’ has been completed.  The historical information for this volume was collected through interviews with key leaders and individuals from that period of time.  As such, the document is a narrative by those involved in Dahlgren’s EW programs, special tasking, and events.  The document also focuses on people, both individuals and organizations, and their accomplishments and contributions.  The document’s narrative is augmented by pictures, mainly supplied by those who were interviewed.  The authors acknowledge that some projects and people were unintentionally omitted and apologize for that.  Also, some key individuals of the time were unavailable for interview.

As of May 2017, the first volume is undergoing the final review process.  The AOC Dahlgren Chapter hopes to post the final document to this website upon completion of this review.  The second volume covering the post-Cold War years from 1992 to present is currently in the planning stages.

History Project Points of Contact

The primary points of contact for this project are Ken Baile and Ron Pollard.  If you wish to reach out to them about the project, please send an email to DahlgrenAOC@gmail.com
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