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The Dahlgren Chapter of the Association of Old Crows is proud to sponsor a scholarship program to encourage students to pursue a career in areas related to electro-magnetic warfare.  Our scholarship program has the following goals:

* Through financial subsidies, assist in the undergraduate education of students in engineering, math and the hard sciences who are likely to pursue careers in electronic defense and related academic courses and training. * Create greater awareness and support in the educational community for electronic defense related academic courses and training. * Support the interests of the AOC national organization by encouraging students to seek engineering and hard science degrees and enter related professional fields.

* Promote member interest in AOC Dahlgren Chapter activities through fund raising and administration of the Scholarship Program.

The scholarship program is a great opportunity for the chapter to give back to the community while “paying it forward” to the next generation of electromagnetic warfare professionals.



The Dahlgren AOC Roost provides for a scholarship program using corporate and personally donated funds as well as funds from activities and conferences.  The program focuses on undergraduate candidates either in or starting a degree program in engineering, or one of the sciences or technologies related to the profession of EW.  The goal is to not only provide financial assistance to the awardees, but to also recognize and encourage participation in the profession among the candidates for award.  The chapter sponsored annual conference is the primary fund raising opportunity to support this program.



The number and monetary amount of scholarships to be offered will vary from year to year based the results of fundraising efforts.  It is expected that one or more scholarships of at least $1000 each will be awarded.



In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the student must meet all of the following requirements:

* These scholarships are designed to support the local chapter of the AOC. It is expected that the applicants will have a Dahlgren Roost mailing address or high school address defined by zip codes 22401 through 22560.  If not, please explain the Dahlgren connection. Exceptions will be considered by the Scholarship committee.

 * Student must be currently or recently enrolled in a high school, and be in good academic standing

 * Student must indicate that they plan to pursue a college education in a technical field related to electronic defense (e.g., math, hard sciences, or engineering).

 * A current member of the AOC Dahlgren Chapter must sponsor the student.  If the student is a current AOC Dahlgren Chapter member, they may sponsor themselves.



Scholarship awardees will be chosen through a competitive process.  The following criteria will be used when evaluating and ranking scholarship applicants:

  • Academic excellence and leadership.

  • Activities, honors, and achievements.

  • Plans to pursue a college education and career in one of the engineering fields or math and hard sciences, demonstrating an interest in the defense of the US through a career in professions related to electronic defense.

To avoid potential conflicts of interest, AOC Dahlgren Chapter members will not participate in the process to rank applicants and select awardees.  An independent scholarship selection committee that consists of volunteers from the local community will perform the evaluation and ranking of applicants, and the selection of final awardees.



Scholarship recipients will be announced in the middle of the spring high school semester.  Recipients will receive a check for the award amount during a special ceremony to be held in the fall.  Prior to the award ceremony, recipients must provide proof of enrollment to an accredited college or university.


How to Apply

Applicants must complete the following application process to be considered for the 2018 AOC Dahlgren Chapter Scholarship program.

1. Download the application forms:

     AOC Dahlgren Scholarship - Application Forms (Microsoft Word)

     AOC Dahlgren Scholarship - Application Forms (PDF)

2. Applicants request an active AOC Dahlgren Chapter member complete the sponsor signature form

     NOTE:  Applicants who do not already know an AOC Dahlgren Chapter member may request to be connected with a potential sponsor by emailing a request to

3. Applicants complete the scholarship application form.

4. Applicants request a representative at their high school complete the scholastic standing form.

5. Applicants submit a copy of all completed forms above together as a single package.  Application packages may be submitted as follows:

Mail paper applications to the following address:

AOC Dahlgren Scholarship Program

P.O. Box 362

Dahlgren, VA  22448


Please ensure paper applications are legible, and that envelopes are complete with adequate postage.

Submit electronic applications via email:

Email Address:

Please use email subject “AOC Dahlgren Scholarship Program”


Applications for the 2018 AOC Dahlgren Chapter Scholarship must be received by March 31, 2018.  Applicants who are selected to receive an AOC Dahlgren Chapter Scholarship award will be notified by the end of April 2018.


For any questions on the scholarship application process, please send an email to


How to Donate


The AOC Dahlgren Chapter is seeking donations to raise funds for the scholarship program.  The annual objective is to raise adequate funds to award at least two scholarships for $1,000 each.

All contributions to the AOC Dahlgren Chapter scholarship are tax deductible, as the AOC Dahlgren Chapter has 501(c)3 non-profit status.

The AOC Dahlgren Chapter will recognize corporate sponsors for their donations to the scholarship fund.  Corporate sponsors will be announced during the scholarship awards ceremony, and also on the AOC Dahlgren Chapter website.



To make a donation, please mail a check to the following address:

AOC Dahlgren Chapter

P.O. Box 362

Dahlgren, VA  22448


Please make checks payable to “AOC Dahlgren Chapter Scholarship Fund”.


For additional information about donating to the scholarship fund, please send an email to  Thank you for your support!


With over 13,000 members internationally, the Association of Old Crows is an organization for individuals who have common interests in Electronic Warfare (EW), Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Operations, Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA), Information Operations (IO), and other information related capabilities. The Association of Old Crows provides a means of connecting members and organizations nationally and internationally across government, defense, industry, and academia to promote the exchange of ideas and information, and provides a platform to recognize advances and contributions in these fields.