Dr. Lee Rowland, MSc (Dist), PhD (UCL), Behavioural Dynamics Institute.


Dr. Lee Rowland is a senior scientist at the Behavioural Dynamics Institute and Strategic Communication Laboratories, London, and a former lecturer in psychology at Oxford University. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Applied Psychology and Computing, an M.Sc. in Research Methods and Statistics, and a Ph.D. (Lond.) in Experimental Psychology. His doctoral thesis investigated experimental approaches to understanding unconscious cognitive learning processes. Dr. Rowland’s subsequent post-doctoral work was in the Centre for the Study of Emotion and Motivation at Southampton University, where he undertook training and research in the unconscious processing of environmental effects on emotion. He has authored numerous scientific papers published in internationally renowned peer-reviewed journals, written reports on behavioural and group dynamics, as well as numerous articles on human behaviour in newspapers and magazines.

In addition to research in psychology and behaviour, Dr. Rowland has held teaching positions at University College London, Birkbeck College, London, The Open University, and Oxford University, where he spent two years as the co-director of the M.Sc. in Psychological Research in the Department of Experimental Psychology and a tutor for Christ Church College. These academic posts involved both teaching and supervision of research projects across a wide range of subject areas ”“ such as personality theory, statistics, social psychology and cognitive neuroscience ”“ yet always with a focus on experimental and field research methods.

Joining the Behavioural Dynamics Institute in early 2008, Dr. Rowland has worked extensively on integrating fresh ideas from cutting edge behavioural science into the activities of the institute, and has developed innovative field research methods for the investigation of group dynamics and behavioural psychology. He has trained several military organisations, both at home and abroad, and in 2010 was invited as the Target Audience Analysis expert on the Higher Command and Staff Course at the UK Defence Academy annual theatre wargame.

A paper addressing the ”˜how to’ of Influence Operations - authored with Commander Steve Tatham ”“ was published as a Defence Academy Special Series in July 2010 (and also appeared in the British Army Review Summer 2010 and Small Wars Journal), and a subsequent book on Behavioural Conflict, with Tatham and General Andrew Mackay, is being prepared for publication early next year.