2nd Annual Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare Systems Engineering and Acquisition Conference

Date: September 26, 2017 8:00 am - September 28, 2017 4:00 pm
Location: NSWC Dahlgren

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2nd Annual Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare Systems Engineering and Acquisition Conference

September 26-28, 2017 | Dahlgren, VA 

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Our adversaries are using ubiquitous and cheap technology to further develop cyber warfare as well as advance and proliferate electromagnetic spectrum capabilities. Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare (EMW) is the Navy's warfighting approach to gain a decisive military advantage in the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) to enable freedom of action across all Navy mission areas. Success demands a holistic system of systems focus looking not only at the systems themselves but also the "interstitial" space which is the dimension of the systems. EMW will require coordination and simultaneous integration across all domains (land, sea, subsurface, air, space, and cyber). EMW, in essence, means leveraging the cyberspace domain and the full electromagnetic spectrum for both offensive and defensive effects.

EMW is not a program, or system, or even a refined concept of operations. It is an emerging operational approach, one we must master to fully understand the battlespace. We must then use that awareness to better employ our own forces while altering the enemy's perception of the battlespace and minimizing his freedom to maneuver within it.

Mastering EMW will have commercial, financial and political impacts. It is important for program managers, engineers, and business planners to be aware of the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) process, the tools used, and the complexities in performing defense acquisition and systems development in the emerging EMS environment in order to provide value to managing and performing program funding and mission success.


Dr. William Conley Wittman2 Bryan Clark
Dr. William Conley, SES
Deputy Director, Office of
the Under Secretary of
Defense for Acquisition,
Technology and Logistics
(OUSD AT&L/A/) Tactical
Warfare Systems
The Honorable Rob Wittman
US House of Representatives
Mr. Bryan Clark
Senior Fellow, Center for
Strategic and Budgetary
Assessments (CSBA)


The conference committee is soliciting original presentations (both classified and unclassified; Distro C) from US leaders, operators, subject matter experts and thinkers from the military, academia, and industry. You are invited to submit an unclassified abstract of presentation for the following topics:

Focus Question 1: How can combined EMW capabilities in the sea, air, and land domains generate enhanced combat effects?
Focus Question 2: How can a system of systems focus enhance EMW capabilities?
Focus Question 3: How will coordination and simultaneous integration across all domains (land, sea, subsurface, air, space, and cyber) improve EMW capabilities?
Focus Question 4: What tools, processes, innovations, techniques, and best practices can be used to support program managers and business planners in today’s unique and complex acquisition environment?

Abstracts for presentations must be unclassified and in text format. Please forward abstracts to Ms. Christine Armstrong at armstrong@crows.org by July 17, 2017. Abstracts are limited to one page of text or 400 words.

To facilitate the selection processes please ensure your submitted abstract file is labeled with your last name and short title. For example: “Smith_EW is the Future.doc.” Conference presentations must be classified Secret US Only or unclassified (please indicate which classification you are submitting for since we’ll have unclassified and classified sessions); however, abstracts must be unclassified. Notification of acceptance and presentation submission instructions will be by August 8, 2017.


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Day One - Unclassified (Distro C)  University of Mary Washington | Dahlgren Campus

Day Two - Classified NSWC Dahlgren

Day Three - Classified NSWC Dahlgren


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University of Mary Washington | Dahlgren Campus
4224 University Drive | Dahlgren, VA 22485
Directions: http://dahlgren.umw.edu/files/2015/08/Dahlgren-Campus-_Directions.pdf


NSWC Dalhgren, Dahlgren, VA


Hampton Inn                                                                                                                                                                                                                     16450 Commerce Dr | King George VA |  540-625-2333

AOC Special Group Rate: $91 + applicable taxes
**Reservations must be made by Monday September 8 in order to receive the discounted room rate. 
Complimentary overnight parking; Complimentary hot breakfast; Room cancellation 48 hour prior to arrival.

To book your room online visit www.dahlgren.hamptoninn.com and follow the directions below.

Directions for booking reservations using your group code: AOC

On the left hand side of website, enter the dates you wish to stay.
Click on “Add special rate codes”. A drop down menu will show.
In the Group code box, enter AOC, and click “Check rooms and rates”


The conference will be held at the Unclassified/Distribution Statement C level with classified sessions occurring on Day 2 & 3. (Distribution Statement C:  Distribution authorized to U.S government agencies and their contractors.) All attendees must be U.S Government employees or U.S. Government Contractors. The NSWC Dahlgren and the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) security team must be able to verify your eligibility to attend the classified sessions and therefore require a Visit Request provided if attending Day 2 or 3 sessions.

If you are attending Day 2 & 3 please provide a visit request to The Missile Defense Agency (MDA)/Dahlgren for the dates of September 27 & 28, 2017, referencing EWM17 Conference Attendee. Please see the information below for MDA/Dahlgren visit request. Additionally, if you do not hold a Common Access Card (CAC), an expected visitor request must be completed to allow driving access onto the installation for Day 2 and 3. Complete the Expected Visitor Vetting Request, submitting to Robert.Graham1@navy.mil. All visit requests and vetting requests must be completed NLT 8 September 2017.

Click here for a Expected Visitor Vetting Request Form


Missile Defense Agency/Dahlgren Incoming Visit Authorization Request (VAR) Process:

Incoming VARs are processed through the MDA Incoming Visitor Control Center and are accepted via three (3) methods: JPAS, Faxed, or E-mailed; JPAS is the preferred method.  Incoming VARs must contain the visitor (s) full name, SSN, Date of Birth, Citizenship, Clearance level, Date Clearance issued, who issued the clearance, dates of visit, reason for visit, and MDA Government Point of Contact to be processed.  Any VAR missing or containing incorrect information will not be processed until submitted correctly.  The VAR is then sent to the MDA Government Point of Contact for approval.  Once approved, the VAR is entered into the DII system.


FAX: 540-663-6472

E-Mail: MDAVisitorControlIncomingDLG@mda.mil

Phone: 540-663-6103

Government Contact: Vickie L. Noble

All conference attendees will be required to show their Common Access Card (CAC) or other form of state or federal issued photo identification prior to entrance into the conference.

Per the NSWCDD and MDA Policy on Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs), cell phones, PDAs, pagers, laptop computers, fitness trackers, Blackberry's or other personnel electronic devices will not be allowed during the classified sessions. We strongly recommend that PEDs not be brought on the bus/shuttle on transit days to MDA and/or left in your vehicle. Please note that IAW MDA/Dahlgren policy you will be passing through a metal detector before heading to the classified portions of the meetings.


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