A Day Without the Spectrum
Thursday, October 22
8:00 a.m. ”“ 5:00 p.m.
Secret, U.S. - Only

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A Day Without the Spectrum

  • Everyone in the Department of Defense as well as civilians is increasingly dependent on access and use of the electro-magnetic spectrum (EMS). The EMS is a critical maneuver space for the joint commanders to conduct their operations. Advances in radar, antenna and the explosion of commercial wireless telecommunication technologies make this a highly contested space by adversaries both conventional and asymmetric.
  • Nowhere is the discussion of balancing cost versus capability more significant then assuring our Warfighter’s success and safety across the EMS. Combatant Commanders have stated their case and the Joint Electronic Warfare Center will illuminate those needs from the recent Capabilities Based assessment and the follow on Functional Solutions Analysis (FSA).
  • Our U.S. Codes are written to clearly articulate roles and responsibilities of Government and Military agencies, to provide for the appropriate checks and balances as well as the control of resources. Title 10 delineates how DOD is to be organized, while Title 50 details how we will conduct war and defend our nation. Since their inception in 1956 many changes have occurred that require bold looks at how we are organized and our actual conduct. This session details that inherent friction, its impact on effective use of the EMS; and a vision for the future.
  • This session will educate government and industry participants on the major FSA findings and describe the DOD efforts to mitigate gaps and formulate strategies for continued control of the EMS.

Classified Agenda (subject to change without notification)

Chair: Mr. Ronald “Fog” Hahn, GG-15, Deputy Director, Joint EW Center (JEWC)

0830 - 1200

Morning Session:

Keynote Speaker
Mr. Robert Butler, SES, DASD Cyber and Space Policy

Senior Panel:
Mr. Jayme Durnan, SES, Director, OUSD/DDR&E
Maj Gen Kevin Kennedy, USAF, Director, USJFCOM J8
Ms. Paige Atkins, SES, Director, Defense Spectrum Office (DSO)
Mr. Mark Johnson, SES, Director, Joint IO Warfare Center (JIOWC)

0930 ”“ 0945

Coffee Break

1200 ”“ 1300


1300 - 1630

Afternoon Session:

Council of Colonels Panel:
Col Marshall “Hooker” Denney, III, USMC, Director, Joint EW Center (JEWC), USSTRATCOM/JIOWC
COL Laurie Moe Buckhout, USA, Director, Dept of Army G-3/5/7, EW Division
Col Robin “VBerry” Vanderberry, USAF, Director, Joint EP for Air Combat, Joint Test (JEPAC JT)
CAPT Brian “Hinks” Hinkley, USN, Director, Fleet EW Center (FEWC)
Col Steve “Brownie” Brown, USAF, Director, Air Force EW Requirements (AF/A5RE)
Lt Col Dean “Wedge” Ebert, USMC, Deputy Director, Marine Corps Air Weapons Requirements (APW-41), EW Division

1430 ”“ 1445

Afternoon Break


Session Conclusion & Bus Departure to hotel

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