Santa Barbara Chapter News


The Santa Barbara Roost for the Association of Old Crows has been reactivated and conducted a chapter meeting on 13 November, led by the Raytheon General Manager and Goleta Site Lead Mike Jordan. Mike shared his experience with another AOC chapter and pledged his continued support for the Santa Barbara Roost. The new Chapter President, Phil Estabrooks, introduced the current board of directors, and discussed the scholarship program, the science fair, and other Roost projects. Peter Aichinger shared his experience from the National AOC convention, including a short video clip featuring Raytheon’s Amanda Kammier with interviews on the convention floor. Brett Marymee conducted a poll on program content for future meetings and encouraged members to actively recruit new members to grow the Santa Barbara roost.

Caption: Phil Estabrooks, SB Roost President, Announces the New Board: