The Billy Mithell Chapter concluded its election on December 2nd for three Director positions.  Congratulations to Jason "Boots" Winn, Hank Trouissant, and Bob Grover.

Billy Mitchell Officers

John Langford                                  President/New Submissions/Awareness/Social

Vacant                                               Vice President

Kent Namikas                                   Secretary/Speakers Programs

Rob Parks                                          Speakers Programs

Gary Henley                                      Awards/Goals/Objectives                            

Frank Ball                                          Treasurer/Finance/Historian

Marc Jamison                                   Newsletter Editor/Advocacy & Awareness

Jim Moryl                                          Ed Foundation/SwRI Liaison

Sammy Smith                                    STEM/Social Networking

Ross “BDA” Vincent                        Newsletter/Constitution & Bylaws/Elections

J. J. Romano                                     Web Coordinator/Membership/Recruitment/Retention

Vacant                                               Military Liaison

BMC Presidents from its inception to the present time:

NAME                                                            DATES

Robert Frodge                                     10/1968-10/1971

Dak Proctor                                         10/1971-10/1973

Robert Frodge                                     10/1973-10/1975

Edwin Bronaugh                                 10/1975-10/1977

Robert Frodge                                    10/1977-10/1979

Robert Weikle                                     10/1979-10/1981

Kevin Gilroy                                        10/1981-10/1983

Clark R Morgan                                   10/1983/10/1985

Larry Oaks                                         10/1985-10/1987

Wesley Brown                                   10/1987-10/1989

Dak Proctor                                         10/1989-10/1991

Milton Driggers                                   10/1991-10/1993

Mark Ashton                                       10/1993-10/1995

Frank Goral                                         10/1995-10/1997

Doug Holden                                       10/1997-10/1999

Tom White                                          10/1999-10/2001

Don Mcauley                                      10/2001-10/2003

Mark Ashton                                       10/2003-10/2005

Mike Tackett                                       10/2005-10/2007

Sam Roberts                                       10/2007-10/2009

Greg Radabaugh                                 10/2009-09/2012

Ron Poland                                         09/2012-09/2014