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August 31st, 2015 "Advanced Air Defense Systems" Douglas Goldberg, Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Land and Self Protection Systems Division
August 18th, 2015 Deployable Secure Computing Applications  Curtis Wright
August 12, 2014 Low Probability of Intercet (LPI) Radar and What to do about it. Dr. Richard Wiley, VP and Chief Scientist,Rohde & Schwarz
 April, 2, 2014  "Miniature Data Link Technology for UAV Applications"  Lawrence Lyon, Cobham - Business Development and Technology Group
 March 19, 2014  Piracy in the Gulf of Aden, From Someone  That Was There  Retired Rear Admiral Terry McKnight
December 12, 2013  EMC discussion Richard Gillette, retired Director of Engineering for Rolling Meadows 
September 25, 2013  Northrop Grumman Stealth Technology - A historical Perspective  Dr. John Cashen, former Director NG
July 9, 2013 Antenna Propagation. Presented by the Rohde & Schwarz with test equipment van Traveling Tour  Dave Adamy
 May 29, 2013  "Challenges to Achieving Certifiable (DO-178) Multicore Based Applications",  Tim King Technical Marketing Manager DDC-1
November 14, 2012  Next Generation RF Converter Product Line James Larsen, Business Development Cobham Electronics Systems
September 17, 2012 "New and Emerging Foreign Air Defense Systems (Secret Level) Douglas Goldberg, Northrop Grumman, Systems Architect
 July 11, 2012 Windy City Chapter Luncheon - "Survey of High Power Antennas: Types, Capabilities and Limitations.  Mike Stasiowski
February  24, 2012 "DIRCM Field Service Support in Afghanistan"  Mike Heitzler FSR Northrop Grumman
October 19, 2011 "Embeded Antenna Types and UAV Applications" Mike Stasiowski, eng mgr Nurad
September 14, 2011 "Bonded Stripline Filter and Multiplexer Design with Active Component Integration" Doug Bajgot, eng mgr Cobham
July 13, 2011 "Capabilities and Overview of Wideband EW Recievers" Doug Bajgot, eng mgr, Cobham
May 31, 2011 "Electronic Warfare Optimization: An interactive Case Study" (Secret Level) David Paprocki, Northrop Grumman ES
May 3, 2011 "Micronetics EW Subsystem and Module Capability" Tony Pospishil, VP of the Microwave Concepts (Micro-Con) Division
March 15, 2011 "A Scalable Architecture for IEWS for Today and Beyond" Marc Couture, Director Product Management, Microwave and Digital Solutions Group, Mercury Computer Systems, Inc.
August 19, 2010 "New and Emerging Foreign Air Defense Systems (Secret Level) Douglas Goldberg, Northrop Grumman, Systems Architect
May 20, 2010 "Novel Antenna Concepts and their EW Applications" Arnie Feinstein, eng mgr Cobham Lansdale
January 12, 2010  "Enabiling GaAs MMIC Technologies"  George Studtmann, Design Manager - Advanced Programs and Technology, Cobham Electronics Systems
November 17, 2009  "Gallium Nitrate Technology - Enabling Advances in High Power RF Amplifier Technologies"  Dr. Choi, Sr Staff Eng, Aethercomm
September 10, 2009  "mmWave Converters and Related Products"  Tom Skala, eng mgr, Cobham-M/A-Com
July 23, 2009 "Confromal and embedded Antennas and Overview" Mr. Randy Engle, eng mgr, Nurad
May 12 WR-ALC EW Programs and ADS Tiger Team Activities Colonel Art Huber USAF
February 2004 National Legislative Priorities Trey Hodgkins
November 2003 USN Plans to Migrate Electronic Attack to the EF-18G Joseph (Joe) Hulsey
Director, EA-18G Program
Northrop Grumman Corporation
October 2003 "Novel Architectures in Laser Technology" Dr. Michael Marable
May 2002 Money ”“ The Link That Binds Terrorists Mr. John Vincent FBI Agent (Retired)
April 2002 EW Perspective from WRALC Col. Douglas W. Anderson
March 2003 Apollo 7 Astronaut Walter Cunningham