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August 31st, 2015 "Advanced Air Defense Systems" Douglas Goldberg, Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Land and Self Protection Systems Division
August 18th, 2015 Deployable Secure Computing Applications  Curtis Wright
August 12, 2014 Low Probability of Intercet (LPI) Radar and What to do about it. Dr. Richard Wiley, VP and Chief Scientist,Rohde & Schwarz
 April, 2, 2014  "Miniature Data Link Technology for UAV Applications"  Lawrence Lyon, Cobham - Business Development and Technology Group
 March 19, 2014  Piracy in the Gulf of Aden, From Someone  That Was There  Retired Rear Admiral Terry McKnight
December 12, 2013  EMC discussion Richard Gillette, retired Director of Engineering for Rolling Meadows 
September 25, 2013  Northrop Grumman Stealth Technology - A historical Perspective  Dr. John Cashen, former Director NG
July 9, 2013 Antenna Propagation. Presented by the Rohde & Schwarz with test equipment van Traveling Tour  Dave Adamy
 May 29, 2013  "Challenges to Achieving Certifiable (DO-178) Multicore Based Applications",  Tim King Technical Marketing Manager DDC-1
November 14, 2012  Next Generation RF Converter Product Line James Larsen, Business Development Cobham Electronics Systems
September 17, 2012 "New and Emerging Foreign Air Defense Systems (Secret Level) Douglas Goldberg, Northrop Grumman, Systems Architect
 July 11, 2012 Windy City Chapter Luncheon - "Survey of High Power Antennas: Types, Capabilities and Limitations.  Mike Stasiowski
February  24, 2012 "DIRCM Field Service Support in Afghanistan"  Mike Heitzler FSR Northrop Grumman
October 19, 2011 "Embeded Antenna Types and UAV Applications" Mike Stasiowski, eng mgr Nurad
September 14, 2011 "Bonded Stripline Filter and Multiplexer Design with Active Component Integration" Doug Bajgot, eng mgr Cobham
July 13, 2011 "Capabilities and Overview of Wideband EW Recievers" Doug Bajgot, eng mgr, Cobham
May 31, 2011 "Electronic Warfare Optimization: An interactive Case Study" (Secret Level) David Paprocki, Northrop Grumman ES
May 3, 2011 "Micronetics EW Subsystem and Module Capability" Tony Pospishil, VP of the Microwave Concepts (Micro-Con) Division
March 15, 2011 "A Scalable Architecture for IEWS for Today and Beyond" Marc Couture, Director Product Management, Microwave and Digital Solutions Group, Mercury Computer Systems, Inc.
August 19, 2010 "New and Emerging Foreign Air Defense Systems (Secret Level) Douglas Goldberg, Northrop Grumman, Systems Architect
May 20, 2010 "Novel Antenna Concepts and their EW Applications" Arnie Feinstein, eng mgr Cobham Lansdale
January 12, 2010  "Enabiling GaAs MMIC Technologies"  George Studtmann, Design Manager - Advanced Programs and Technology, Cobham Electronics Systems
November 17, 2009  "Gallium Nitrate Technology - Enabling Advances in High Power RF Amplifier Technologies"  Dr. Choi, Sr Staff Eng, Aethercomm
September 10, 2009  "mmWave Converters and Related Products"  Tom Skala, eng mgr, Cobham-M/A-Com
July 23, 2009 "Confromal and embedded Antennas and Overview" Mr. Randy Engle, eng mgr, Nurad
May 12 WR-ALC EW Programs and ADS Tiger Team Activities Colonel Art Huber USAF
February 2004 National Legislative Priorities Trey Hodgkins
November 2003 USN Plans to Migrate Electronic Attack to the EF-18G Joseph (Joe) Hulsey
Director, EA-18G Program
Northrop Grumman Corporation
October 2003 "Novel Architectures in Laser Technology" Dr. Michael Marable
May 2002 Money ”“ The Link That Binds Terrorists Mr. John Vincent FBI Agent (Retired)
April 2002 EW Perspective from WRALC Col. Douglas W. Anderson
March 2003 Apollo 7 Astronaut Walter Cunningham

AOC Windy City Chapter Scholarships

 Scholarship Application 

AOC Scholarship Award Program

The Windy City AOC Chapter provides Scholarship Awards to Chicago-area Universities with engineering programs preparing students for potential careers in Electronic Defence and Warfare.

We offer and disburse up to seven scholarships at $2500 each calendar year.

How is the scholarship program administered?

The AOC Windy City Chapter Education Foundation is the governing body for administering all chapter scholarships. It is composed of all the Officers and Board of Directors of the Chapter. The principal point of contact for our scholarship program is the Scholarship Director/Chairperson. The general purpose of our program is to sponsor scholarships at Chicago-area colleges on a yearly basis to encourage and help the upcoming professional student in engineering and the hard sciences to pursue a career in National Electronic Defence. The memorial scholarship awards are: Edward W. Adams Memorial Scholarship, Robert L. Kranz Memorial Scholarship, John H. Bartels memorial Scholarship, Jerry Dutka Honorary Scholarship, Dr. Gunter Dohler Memorial Scholarship, the George G. Giacomino Memorial Scholarship, and the Ronald Langietti Memorial Scholarship.  They are direct grants given to students through a college/university. The scholarships are awarded annually and are administered by the Universities (the Universities select the recipient(s) within the criteria provided by the Foundation; the AOC Chapter Board approves the selectees).

What are the Requirements and Application Process?

The scholarship recipients must be undergraduate students majoring in Aeronautical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, or Mathematics, who demonstrate an interest in National Defence and academic excellence. Recipients must be U.S. citizens, at the junior or senior level and maintain a “B” grade point average or better. Recipients can be awarded the scholarships each year until they graduate so long as they meet the criteria. Scholarships are awarded without regard to race, color, creed, sex or national origin.

The following additional items are required of each applicant:

  • Submit an application form (which can be obtained from the university)
  • Submit a short essay of not more than two typewritten pages (12-point font, double-spaced) on their interests with regard to National Defence. Specifically, address how their interest and education objectives will support future contributions to National Defence. Examples include future employment in radar, sonar, infrared, electronic countermeasures, surveillance, guidance, optics, lasers, navigation, information warfare, etc.
  • Optional but highly desirable: The name and membership number of current AOC professional(s) who recommend the applicant.
  • Information and articles on recent developments in Electronic Defence are available in the magazine Journal of Electronic Defence published monthly by the AOC Electronic Warfare Association in Alexandria VA or online at www.jedonline.com. Another useful source of information is the book History of U.S Electronic Warfare by Alfred Price

What criteria are used to select the scholarship winners?

Selection of the applicants shall be based on:

  • Interest and potential future contribution to National Defence. (Based on the student essay)
  • Academic Excellence
  • Recommendations from AOC members

Who selects the scholarship winners?

Students are selected by the University. The selection shall be made by unbiased, independent person(s) not affiliated with the local chapter. The selected student names, degree program, GPA, expected graduation year, essay and nominations (if any) are to be presented to the Chapter Scholarship Director for routine confirmation of the selection process. No financial information is requested.

The current universities participating in the scholarship program along with the university POCs are:

Bradley University

Dr. Brian D. Huggins
ECE Department
1501 W. Bradley Ave.
Peoria, IL 61625


Illinois Institute of Technology

Alyssa A. Liberman

Director, Marketing & Communications
Armour College of Engineering

3301 South Dearborn                                                            
Chicago, IL 60616                                                                  



Marquette University

Emily Casanta, Scholarship Assistant

Office of Student Financial Aid

Marquette University

Phone: 414-288-4805

Fax: 424-288-1718


Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL
Financial Aid and Scholarship Office

Swen Parson Hall 245


Mia Hannon                                                                           
Business Manager                                                                 

Dean's Office, EB321                                                            

College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, EB130
DeKalb, IL 60115-2872
(O) 815-753-1284  (Fax) 815-753-1310



Nick Jones, Outreach Coordinator

College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, EB331

Phone:  815-753-9961


Northwestern University
Wesley R. Burghardt                                                             
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Engineering                       
2145 Sheridan Road                                             

Evanston, IL 60209                                                
(847) 467-1401

Purdue University

Sally Luzader

Manager of Corporate Relations

Department of Computer Science

305 N University St, 3144B Lawson

West LaFayete, IN 47907

(765) 494-6180


University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana

Marie-Christine Brunet, PhD

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs




206 Engineering hall, MC-272

1308 West Green Street

Urbana, IL 61801

Phone: (217) 333-2280

Fax: (217) 244-4974

University of Illinois Chicago 

Ludwig C. Nitsche

Associate Dean for Undergraduate affairs UIC College of Engineering

851 South Morgan M/C 159
Chicago, IL 60607
(O) 312.996.3463  (Fax) 312-413-3365

How are funds distributed?

Up to seven $2,500 scholarships are awarded to the student recipients.  The Universities and number of scholarships may change annually at the discretion of the AOC Board of Directors.  Applications are generally due by 1 December.  The Chapter asks that University notification of selection of the scholarship recipients, their application forms, and essays be sent to the Windy City AOC Scholarship Chairperson by 15 December of each year.  Final confirmation occurs after an annual board meeting, in which approval of the students selected is granted.  The Board also asks that after confirmation, the University invite the students selected to attend the local chapter’s annual Scholarship Awards Meeting/Education Night Ceremony, typically held on the first Saturday in March, in Rolling Meadows, IL.  The Scholarship checks are awarded at the Ceremony.  The purpose of this event is to introduce the student recipients to family members of the scholarship honourees.  It also provides an opportunity for the recipients to learn more about the AOC and Electronic Defence itself, informing them of opportunities and challenges in the field by current engineering professionals. The chapter hopes to attract students into the National Defence Industry involving Electronic Countermeasures and Defence.

Scholarship Winners 2016 (Awarded March 2017)

Alexa Mathias, Northern Illinois University, winner of the George Giacomino Memorial Scholarship, ME Major

Nicholas Lourdis, University of Illinois at Chicago – winner of the Edward Adams Memorial Scholarship, EE Major.

Jeffrey Zhu, UIUC- winner of the John Bartels Memorial Scholarship, EE Major

Monica Delgado, UIC - winner of the Jerry Dutka Honorary Scholarship, ME Major

William Kelly, Bradley,- winner of the  Ronald Langietti Memorial Scholarship, EE Major

Ben Starcevich, Northern Illinois University, winner of the Dr. Gunter Dohler Memorial Scholarship, ME Major

Patrick Wasz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - winner of the Robert L. Kranz Memorial Scholarship, EE Major

Scholarship Winners 2015 (Awarded March 2016)

Kylie Broton, Purdue University, winner of the George Giacomino Scholarship, EE Major

Nicholas Lourdis,  University of Illinois at Chicago – winner of the Edward Adams Scholarship. Junior, EE Major.

Stephan Kim, Northwestern University - winner of the John Bartels Scholarship, EE Major

Anthony DeCarlo, Northern Illinois University - winner of the Jerry Dutka Honorary Scholarship, ME Major

Tyler Peterson, Northern Illinois University,- winner of the Robert L. Kranz Memorial Scholarship, ME Major

Mark McKean, Bradley University, winner of the Gunter Dohler Memorial Scholarship, EE Major

Brian Todd, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - winner of the Ron Langietti Memorial Scholarship, ME Major

Each student also receives a 1-year complimentary AOC membership, which includes a 1-year subscription to JED magazine.  The AOC Windy City Chapter looks forward to the day when each of these scholarship winners become contributors to the Electronic Warfare and National Defence.

Any questions or inquiries about this scholarship(s) may be directed to the AOC Windy City Chapter, Scholarship Chairperson, Eric Moser at 224-625-4192, or eric.moser@ngc.com

Welcome to the Windy City Chapter events page. Please continue to check this page as more events will be added in the near future.


Upcoming Events

SPEAKERS:   The events listed in green are a replaying of AOC National Video Series:  Presented at Northrop Grumman facility, 600 Hicks Road, Rolling Meadows, IL.  Conference Room M2120.  For attendance, please contact Louis Zink: 224-625-4451.   To attend a general session, contact the Speaker’s Chair, Tom Kus at 847-542-5930. 

Wed. Aug. 23, 11:30AM – 12:30PM          “Modified Escort Jamming”         by Mr. Dave Adamy

Wed. Sep. 13, 11:30AM – 12:30PM           “Overview of EW Modeling and Simulation” by Mr. Dave Adamy

Thurs. Oct. 12, 11:30AM – 12:30PM         “Cognitive EW- Latest Buzzword or Way of the Future”
by Dr. Warren du Plessis

Monday, October 9, 11:30 – 12:30            AN/ALQ-188(A)V-21 Blackjack Pod, Advanced Threat Simulator, by Dr. Dennis Vaccaro
NOTE:  This will be in Room  H5027 and classified SECRET

Wed. Nov. 15, 11:30AM – 12:30PM          “An Introduction to Conventional Cryptology”   
by Andreas Leiser

Wed. Dec. 6, 11:30AM – 12:30PM             “Cryptology in the Quantum Era” by Andreas Leiser        

Events Archive

July 29, 2017                       Scholarship Fundraiser Golf Outing (see Windjammer for write up)

June 29, 2017                     Learn about the Association of Old Crows, Meet & Greet Event

March 4, 2017                    AOC Scholarships and Awards Dinner

November 2016                Annual Book Sale Fundraiser

National Awards

The AOC Windy City Chapter congratulates Bob Broton as one of 2010's Anton D. Brees Life Achievement Award Winners.Click here for more information on Bob Broton

  • National Nomination Form
  • National Winners
  • Policy And Procedures

Local Awards

Local Winners

2014-2015 Windy City Local Award Winners



2009-2010 Windy City Local Award Winners


Local Award Policy and Procedures

Local Award Description

The Windy City Chapter (WCC) of the Association of Old Crows established a program in 1987 to recognize the efforts of local personnel within the WCC Chapter. The program was amended in 1995 to add one additional category. The Chapter now offers five awards: the WCC Service Award, the Technology Award, the Marketing Award, the Management Award and the Engineering Excellence Award. These awards are made annually and are intended to supplement the National Awards Program. The awards are to be presented at the Annual Windy City Chapter Awards Recognition Function.

Who May Nominate

Any member in good standing of the WCC may nominate individuals for these awards with certain exceptions. The exceptions being that current members of the WCC Awards Committee are ineligible to nominate or serve as reference or be nominated for these awards.

Who Are Eligible For Nomination

Only AOC members in good standing are eligible for the Awards. Normally, only one award will be made in each category, each year. Multiple awards may be made, however, if deemed appropriate by the Awards Committee for exceptional situations. The Awards Committee will have the option of withholding an award category for a year, if, in its estimation, none of the nominees meet the minimum requirements set forth in this criteria.


Presentation of the awards will be made by the WCC Awards Chairperson at the Annual Awards Recognition Function. The presentation will consist of a suitable award and citation as determined by the Board of Directors from recommendations by the Local Awards Committee.


Nominations may be made at any time by completing the required form and forwarding it to the Local Awards Committee.

Award Decision

The Awards Committee will review all nominations and recommend winners to the WCC Board of Director. The Board by 2/3 majority must approve the recommendations of the Awards Committee.

Nomination Procedures

1. Complete nomination in accordance with the approval format (see attachment)
2. Forward nominations, together with any endorsements, to the WCC prior to the prescribed deadline
3. Awards will be made solely on the basis of the information submitted.
4. Nomination Form

Engineering Excellence Award

This award is available to any member in good standing of the Windy City Chapter for consistent, outstanding application of engineering principles in support of the EW community. An example would be a project engineer engaged in any of the technical disciplines (electrical, mechanical, software, manufacturing, etc.) with a generally acknowledged and respected record for the support of EW system development or production. Nomination must include a description of the nominee’s specific contribution and the impact to the program.

The nominee must have demonstrated outstanding knowledge and understanding of a wide range of system detail that enables significant contribution to the success of the program. An example is an engineer who is sufficiently familiar with a system, product or process to devise and/or implement a solution to a problem considering all aspects of the issue, enabling the solution to be effective and without repercussion. The contribution need not necessarily be a technical breakthrough; solid engineering practice is the focus of this award.

Marketing Award

This award may be made to any member, in good standing, of the Windy City Chapter. The award will recognize the individual’s contribution to EW/EC requirements, and/or successfully integrating corporate capabilities with DoD EW/EC development needs. The award may also recognize an individual’s long term outstanding service in providing essential communication between their corporation and the Government and assuring that efficient and effective interfaces are maintained to satisfy customer needs.


  • Nominees must have demonstrated their marketing abilities in specifically definable ways. For example; the individual sought out, investigated and defined a new and unique marketing opportunity that resulted in a significant corporate contribution toward satisfying a specific outstanding EW requirement. The nomination must identify each of the candidate’s accomplishments, the EW requirement or program title, the date or time period involved and the positive impact or value of the contribution to the EW community.
  • Nominees in the area of extended outstanding marketing services will have accomplishments that may have required a more subjective evaluation. These nominations should, as a minimum, include relevant program titles, the overall time period involved, examples of outstanding service in maintaining communications, solving problems, and/or providing essential interfaces.

Management Award

This award may be made to any member in good standing of the Windy City Chapter for outstanding leadership and performance in organizing, planning and directing an essential entity directly associated with the field of EW/EC. An example would be a program manager, test director, project engineer, or equivalent. The essential entity may be a Government related, military and/or industrial program.


  • The nominee must have demonstrated exceptional leadership of individual effort, interest, and perseverance in managing and accomplishing a particular function or entity.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated the ability to overcome unusual obstacles or handicaps in achieving program goals and milestones in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Nominee must have demonstrated the unique attribute of being a team builder/player and subsequently managing those assets assigned to successful fruition.

Technology Award

This award may be awarded to any member in good standing of the Windy City Chapter as recognition to member scientists and engineers for outstanding achievements in science, technology, system related engineering or procedures used in the Electronic Warfare / Electronic Combat field.

Recognized significant direct participation in EW/EC research, development of testing activities or technical guidance provided to Government sponsored research, development and production programs. Recipients must be qualified/certified Electrical, Mechanical, and/or Software/Digital Engineers. Nomination must include a description of the nominee’s specific technical contribution and the issues involved in the technical problem(s) solved.

Outstanding Service Award

This Award recognizes those individuals who distinguished themselves by a particularly noteworthy contribution to the Windy City Chapter. This ward should not be misconstrued with the lesser AOC certificate of Appreciation and/or Merit.

Nominee must have performed some particularly noteworthy service to the Windy City Chapter. Such service could be in connection with a Chapter function, e.g., technical seminar, scholarship fund raiding function/award ceremony, or dinner function. It is appropriate that the Windy City Chapter recognize particularly noteworthy contributions and those contributions should be truly unusual or beyond that normally expected.

Superior Customer Service Award

This Award recognizes those individuals who distinguish themselves through particularly noteworthy customer service. Emphasis for this award is given to those individuals that ensure that the end user of EW equipment is provided with the support, either in the field or at the equipment supplier facility, necessary to keep EW equipment operational and protect the lives of U.S. and allied soldiers.

Criteria: Nominee must have performed some particularly noteworthy customer service. Individuals that distinguish themselves in regard to providing service to product support including logistics systems engineering, field engineering, logistics project management, and technical data & training are eligible for this award.



All members are invited to observe

Where: Northrop Grumman 600 Hicks Road 60008 Conference Room H6485C 

Time: 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM CST

Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month.


The AOC is a professional organization that promotes information superiority to maintain national security by providing.

  • Awareness to the general public, members and government agencies
  • Studies and Analysis to support national defense issues
  • Education assistance and scholarships
  • Recognition of members accomplishments through awards
  • Sponsorship of trade shows and exhibits

Strategy Plan

The Association of Old crows is surviving well in this period of de-emphasized defense and reduced spending.  Our membership has stabilized and the AOC recognizes the changes occurring in defense.   The AOC has focused on important member services, expanded into new arenas and has been fiscally prudent.  Imperative now is the establishment of and organization strategy that, when executed, will expand the membership, renew growth, poise the association for advancement into the new millennium and broaden our technical scope.

The key premise of the following plan is and understanding that to continue as a strong and growing association, we must attract new pools of talent that have been closely associated with defense electronics activity but not previously a robust part of AOC.  The addition of members from these disciplines will fill out the associations scope making it the undisputed leader in the emerging area of Information Operations and Warfare.

In accordance with the Vision and Scope statements, the AOC supports defensive and offensive Information Operations for the maintenance of peaceful world-order, potential conflict, combat of any intensity, counter-terrorism, and law enforcement operations.  Of particular significance are the threats developing from potential attacks against the nation's computer controlled infrastructure.  What's new is the speed and coverage with which a nations networks for transportation, banking, communications, power generating, and control of military operations can be attacked.  This vulnerability is generating major commercial security developments that reflect the AOC interests and opens the opportunity for a new class of membership outside the historical military channels.  The AOC strategy is aimed at expanding our roles and missions in the following special interest areas.

  • Information Operations /Warfare
  • Command and Control Warfare
  • Defense Suppression
  • EO/IR Warning, Countermeasures, CCM
  • RF Warning, Countermeasures and CCM
  • Directed Energy Warfare
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Signature Reduction / Control
  • Navigation Warfare
  • Radar and Radar Countermeasures
  • Computer Security and Attack
  • Image Interpretation and Analysis
  • Psychological Operations