Membership Recruitment 

 AOC Chapters can recruit new members at the $25-dollar rate at their events or during chapter recruitment drives. Contact Glorianne O’Neilin ( or Dawn Miller (   for the special discounted application or discounted rate on-line code. The AOC Membership Department can also send the chapter Membership brochures, Magazines and other AOC Recruitment items for your events and membership drives. Pease contact Dawn Miller ( when you are having an event or working a membership recruitment drive. 

To attract and retain current members, chapters should have an effective speaker program. EW professionals, members of congress and military personnel are good sources of speakers for membership and recruitment meetings. A recruitment program should consist of a recruitment objective, distribution or membership information, and participation in the membership recruitment incentive program. This program is described in OPM 71 and provides a means to recognize contributions of volunteers who are successful in recruiting new members. The database to track recruitment efforts will be maintained at AOC headquarters and incentive awards will be sent when the individual recruiter meets the specific criteria.

The following incentive awards are presented:

            Five new members recruited.             Special AOC Coffee Mug

                                                                        Time limit: one calendar year.

Twenty-five new members recruited.              AOC Pen and Pencil Set – 20 AOC Bucks

                                                                        redeemable at the AOC Store

                                                                        No time limit.

            Fifty new members recruited.             Special AOC Plaque or 50 Dollar AOC

                                                                        Store Certificate                                 

                                                                        No time limit.

            One hundred new members.               Free transportation in the U.S. to National

                                                                        Convention and Free Registration                 

                                                                        No time limit.

All new member information is entered into the membership database. Within seven days, the new member packets are mailed. The packet includes a lapel pin, membership card, and upcoming events listing.

The renewal process begins with a “first request” for annual dues two months before the membership due to expire. If there is no response to the second request, the member is suspended. After five months, a final notice is sent before terminating the record. Members are sent emails two months prior to their renewal date letting them know they can renew on-line.  They are also sent an email one month prior to them being suspended and. All chapter presidents have access to the “Suspend” list

Membership Contact List 



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