Chapter Operations

The local chapter officers are the people who will determine the level of success for the chapter. The “job descriptions” listed below are for guidance only.


  1. Presides at board of directors meetings
  2. Presides at membership meetings
  3. Ensures committees accomplish their functions
  4. Makes reports to regional director
  5. Writes column for newsletter, if applicable
  6. Signs chapter Rebate Certification letter
  7. Signs and submits request for awareness funds

Vice President:

  1. Performs president’s duties when president unavailable
  2. Manages preparation of chapter of the year award submission


  1. Notifies board members of chapter functions
  2. Prepares meeting minutes
  3. Manages newsletter distribution (regular mail or electronic)
  4. Prepares annual chapter Rebate Certification letter


  1. Prepares checks as directed by the president an board
  2. Manages chapter accounts
  3. Prepares annual budget
  4. Prepares financial reports for AOC headquarters

Program Coordinator

  1. Prepares meetings schedule
  2. Arranges membership meetings (invites speaker, obtains facility and refreshments)
  3. Arranges for speaker momentos
  4. Writes meeting summary for newsletter

Membership Committee Chair

  1. Reviews monthly reports from national
  2. Keeps updated membership mailing list
  3. Manages chapter recruiting campaigns
  4. Contacts suspended and terminated members

Nominations and Election Committee Chair

  1. Conducts and supervises chapter elections
  2. Coordinates with AOC headquarters for national board nominations

Communications Coordinator

  1. Manages publicity for chapter events
  2. Collects and edits material for chapter newsletter

Prepares material for publication in the JED


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