Action Dates

 Each year as chapters schedule their activities, they need to be aware of the key dates and the required actions. 

The following list identifies those key dates. For additional information, refer to the OPM following the activity:



Monthly  Submission for AOC News Section JED due by the 5th of each month
Weekly  Submissions for Chapter Info in ECROW can be submitted.  ECROW is sent out every Wednesday.
Mar 1 Financial Reports due to AOC (U.S. only, both Operations and Educational Foundation) Forms with the IRS EIN included are mailed to chapter in December.
Mar 1 Nominations for annual election due to AOC  
May 1 Chapter Rebate calculated by AOC, Certification Form Letter sent to chapter president.
May 1 Individual Competitive Awards nominations due to AOC   Chapters and members will be notified if date is changed
July 31 Annual Rebate Certification Letter
July 31    Chapters of the Year nominations due to AOC   Categories: Large, Medium and Small).
Mar 1 Educational Foundation Reports due to AOC (names & address of recipients, amount disbursed/next year projection)  


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