Welcome to the Show Daily for the 52nd Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention!
Here are the features from the video above:
  • General Bradley Heithold, Commander, Air Force Special Operations Command
  • Ms. Michele Weslander-Quaid, Former Intelligence Community Deputy CIO
  • General Ken Israel (Ret.), 2015 AOC President
Today was a great final day at the 52nd Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention! Here are some of the highlights from the symposium sessions.
General Session #5
Keynote Speaker #8: Lt Gen Bradley Heithold, USAF, Commander, Air Force Special Operations Command
Lt Gen Bradley Heithold, Commander, US Air Force Special Operations (AFSOC) presented in the opening session today on the innovations that the Special Operations community is advancing towards... (Click HERE to read more)
Session #9:  
Resilient Critical Infrastructure - Homeland Security
Session Chair: Mr. Jerry Buckwalter, Northrop Grumman
This session was chaired by Mr. Jerry Buckwalter, Northrup Grumman, who first introduced Mr. John Nicholson, First Secretary, Cyber Policy... (Click HERE to read more)
Session #10: Exploiting Technology Solutions: Getting Synchronization to Maturity
Session Chair: Dr. Tim Rudolph, SES, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
CAPT Steve Debus began the session with a discussion of advanced EW architectures for accelerating the pace of change. Historically, EW systems have... (Click HERE to read more)
Session #11: The Value of Synchronizing EW and Cyber to Achieve Spectrum Dominance
Session Chair: Mr. Frank Pietryka, Raytheon
(Click HERE to read more)
Session #12: Resourcing EW & Cyber: Does 1 + 1 = 3?
Session Chair: Mr. Gabriele Gambarara, Elettronica
Session chair Mr. Gabriele Gambarbara described the overall context where combining EW and cyber can produce synergistic results... (Click HERE to read more)
General Session #6
General Michael Hayden (Ret.), Former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
General Michael Hayden (Ret.) brought the 52nd AOC Symposium and Convention to a close by sharing his thoughts on the surface of the geo-political landscape and... (Click HERE to read more)
Join us tomorrow for the final show daily of the 52nd Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention. There'll be an interview with General Michael Hayden, Neil Kacena, and the 2016 AOC President, Mr. Dave Hime.
Tune in tomorrow for the final edition of the Show Daily!
Thank you to all the Sponsors and Exhibitors that made this Symposium and Convention possible!


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