Here are the features from the video above:

  • Jim ‘Hook' Pryor, Col USAF (Ret), Symposium Session 5 Chair
  • Marshall “Hooker” Denney III, Col USMC (Ret.), Symposium Session 6 Chair
  • Mr. Joe Rambala VP & General Manager IEWS, Exelis, Symposium Session 7 Panelist

Today was another great day at the 51st Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention!  Here are some of the highlights from the symposium sessions:

Session 6:  EMSO, Cyber and EW for the 21st Century (and Beyond)
Session Chair:  Marshall “Hooker” Denney III, Col USMC (Ret.) 

This session covered what is perhaps the hottest topic in the DOD right now: how EMS operations (EMSO), cyberspace operations and electronic warfare work together as complementary capabilities in the modern battlespace. While the topic was difficult to address in specific terms due to classification, the speakers did their best to provide attendees with greater understanding of the challenges and potential benefits of the “combined arms” approach to Cyber and EM operations.

Colonel Denney, who completed the last years of his service career at US Cyber Command J3, delivered perceptive insight into how the command is addressing cyberspace operations. He said the J3 has taken... (Click HERE to read more.)


Session 7:  Cognitive EW, SIGINT and Full-Spectrum ISR
Session Chair:  Mr. Joseph Koesters, AOC Board of Directors

The Thursday afternoon session (Session 7) covered the subject of “Cognitive EW, SIGINT and Full-Spectrum ISR. The session was chaired by AOC Board of Directors member, Joseph Koesters and featured a distinguished panel of speakers, beginning with Mr. Joe Rambala, Exelis VP & General Manager Integrated EW Systems (IEWS). Rambala spoke on “Cognitive EW and Its Impact on Future Electronic Attack Capabilities,” observing that as technology continues to advance, the cognitive EW response will become more ‘cunning.’ “How do we become more seductive – how do we tease a threat to go into a different mode, to change what it is doing, to try to push it into something that is recognizable, so that we have a better ability to come up with a technique against it?” Using the example in nature of a Mongoose defeating a Cobra, he illustrated the concept of rapid cognitive EW response, noting that the keys to the Mongoose’s success... (Click HERE to read more.)


Closing Keynote Address:  Evolving Toward Revolutionary Spectrum Change: A Call to Action
Keynote Speaker:  Mr. Frederick D. Moorefield, Jr., Director, Spectrum Policy & Programs, Office of the DoD CIO

The final keynote presentation at the 2014 AOC Symposium was given by Mr. Frederick Moorefield, Jr., Director, Spectrum Policy & Programs, Office of the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer. Moorefield, who described his job as “advising the Secretary of Defense on matters that affect the Department’s ability to access and maneuver within the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS),” spoke on the topic of “Evolving Toward Revolutionary Spectrum Change: A Call to Action.” He warned that “without assured access to the spectrum and unimpeded use of the spectrum at times, places, and durations of our choosing, the adversary will find us, the adversary will blind us, stomp on our ability to talk, and make us... (Click HERE to read more.)



We've got the wrap-up edition from the Show Daily coming to you tomorrow. Be sure the check it out for video highlights from our closing keynote speaker, our incoming AOC President-Elect, and our incoming AOC President.


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