Here are the features from the video above:

  • Dr. Paul G. Kaminski, Keynote Speaker
  • Lt Gen Robert Elder, USAF (Ret.), Session 3 Symposium Chair
  • Mr. Mike Herrera, NAWCWD Point Mugu, Session 4 Symposium Chair

Today was another great day at the 51st Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention!  Here are some of the highlights from the symposium sessions:

Opening Keynote Address:  Electronic Warfare and Offset Strategies
Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Paul G. Kaminski, Former Chairman of DSB, CEO of Technovation, Inc.

Kaminski, former Chairman of the DSB, as well as former Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition & Technology, former AOC Senior Advisory Board member and the 2000 winner of the AOC Gold Medal, began by discussing some of the U.S.’s history in using “offset” strategies to counter national vulnerabilities. He pointed specifically to the post-World War II period, where the U.S. used its nuclear deterrent to offset the larger fighting force of the Warsaw Pact nations. This strategy worked well for a... (Click HERE to read more.)

Session 4:  Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) in the Maritime Domain
Session Chair:  Mr. Mike Herrera, NAWCWD Point Mugu

Introducing the session, “Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) in the Maritime Domain,” Herrera noted that the terrain in blue water and littorals offers challenges to electronic warfare not necessarily encountered in other domains. “At sea on board ship, there’s no fiber optic cable between ships,” he noted. “So you can autonomously execute command and control, but you’re isolated.” And if there’s higher situational... (Click HERE to read more.)

Session 5:  Air Operations in Contested and Permissive Environments - The Role of Spectrum Operations
Session Chair:  Jim ‘Hook' Pryor, Col USAF (Ret)

The session covered the wide range of EW challenges and ongoing activities aimed at providing for effective operations in modern and highly-sophisticated air defense arenas. As noted by Pryor, among these is the need to have acquisition processes in place for accelerated EW technology development and deployment of new capabilities for 5th generation platforms as well as continuing to support our 4th gen aircraft. Among the panel members... (Click HERE to read more.)

We also had the privilege of honoring our AOC Award winners on the exhibit hall awards stage.  Check out all of the winners HERE.

Don't miss these presentations tomorrow:

Session 6
08:00 - 10:00 EDT
Session Chair: Marshall “Hooker” Denney III, Col USMC (Ret.)
EMSO, Cyber and EW for the 21st Century (and Beyond)

Session 7
14:00 - 15:50 EDT
Session Chair: Mr. Joseph Koesters, AOC Board of Directors
Cognitive EW, SIGINT and Full-Spectrum ISR

General Session and Keynote Address
15:50 - 16:15 EDT
Mr. Frederick D. Moorefield, Jr.
Director, Spectrum Policy & Programs, Office of the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer
Evolving Toward Revolutionary Spectrum Change: A Call to Action

AOC Annual Banquet - 50th Anniversary Celebration
17:30 - 20:30 EDT

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