Features from the video above:
- Mr. Dave Sjolund, AOC Life Member (joined the AOC in 1968)
- Dr. Casey Wardynski, Superintendant, Huntsville City Public Schools
- Mr. James Brahm & Mr. Matthew Rogers, Grissom High School, Huntsville

Today was another great day at the 50th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention! Here are some of the highlights from the symposium sessions:

General Session and Keynote Address:  Imminent Domain 2014
Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, USN, Chief of Naval Operations

Opening day two of the 50th Annual Symposium, keynote speaker Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, USN Chief of Naval Operations, emphasized that he very much views EM spectrum and cyber operations as critical areas that will remain among his top priorities.

Among specific areas to be addressed, he pointed to the need for a better overall awareness of the EMS and cyber operational environments noting that, “while we are capable of knowing when there is a change in the status quo, we also need to know what the normal state of the EMS... (Click HERE to read more.)

Session 4: The Speed of EW

The speed advancing threats due to technology proliferation and flexibility is creating an unprecedented tightening of the timeline required to provide solutions to counter those threats, was the message of Session 4, looking at the historical advancement of EW and the factors that will drive future EW development.  Chaired by Marvin Potts, Division Technical Advisor, Spectrum Warfare Division, Air Force Research Lab, Session 4, featured in-depth discussion of the challenges facing EW... (Click HERE to read more.)

Session 5:  Developing Future EMSO Warriors

Dr. Casey Wardynski, Superintendent of Huntsville City Public Schools, brought together a terrific and quite diverse panel for this session tackling the pressing issue of developing future EMSO Warriors. Panelists ranged from a LT COL in Army Cyber Command, a high-school teacher specializing in Cyber Security, and two high-school students navigating their way through their exciting Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics (STEM) education.  LT COL Jeffrey Metzger, US Army Cyber Command, presented the vast disconnect that the services face when it comes to recruiting talent – that many students in Advanced Placement (AP) STEM educational... (Click HERE to read more.)

Session 6:  Navigation and Communications in Contested/Congested Environments

Technologies to enable maneuver in the increasingly congested spectrum took center stage in session 6, which featured a variety of solutions currently being studied to assist with navigating and dominating the EMS domain.  Chaired by Dr. Jeffrey Boksiner, electronics engineer, Antennas and Spectrum Analysis, Space and Terrestrial Communications, US Army CERDEC, who sat in for original chair Dr. Paul... (Click HERE to read more.)

Session 7:  Advanced EW Technologies

As noted in the program description of the afternoon session on “Advanced EW Technologies,” the requirements of the EW mission present very real technological challenges that demand cutting-edge research and advanced technology development to provide the next-generation capabilities needed to meet them.  Chaired by Dr. Peter Craig, EW Program Manager of the Office of Naval Research (ONR), the session included speakers from some of the nation’s top academic and research centers... (Click HERE to read more.)

In the coming weeks, video recordings and briefings of all keynotes and symposium sessions will be available to all registered full-symposium attendees. If you are not a full-symposium attendee, you can get access to the recorded sessions for only $99. Simply complete this order form and return it to the AOC.

There has been a flurry of activity here at the Symposium, but that same activity has also been taking place on Social Media! Check out a compilation of all the chatter HERE.

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Tomorrow, we wrap up the symposium with hot breakfast in the exhibit hall from 8:00-10:00, 2 concurrent Sessions from 10:00-12:00, networking lunch in the exhibit hall, a joint session at 2:00, and the closing keynote presentation from Major General Robert E. Wheeler, USAF, at 4:15.

The 50th Anniversary Celebration Banquet begins tomorrow at 6:30pm, and marks the start of a year-long celebration of the AOC's 50th Anniversary! Dust off your tux! Put on your gown! (please, don't do both) ...and come celebrate with dancing and entertainment from the Raggs and All-Stars!

See you tomorrow!


Convention Host